Our Story

Global Coaches Network, a pioneer in the field of global leadership coaching, is proud to have helped organizations and their leaders thrive while navigating the complex world of business. GCN provides coaches with a unique perspective to help leaders grow potential and lead their teams, while contributing to the success of their organization and the sustainability of the planet.

Founded in 2005, GCN works with over 300 coaches in 75 countries to help leaders foster personal development and greater effectiveness to their organizations. GCN selects and certifies executive coaches, all of whom bring real-world executive-level business experience to implement cutting-edge coaching programs, including cultural assessments, development planning, and program evaluation.

GCN is a part of Evans Consulting (Evans). For over 25 years, Evans has worked with its clients in the federal and private sectors to co-create healthy organizations where every employee can thrive. Its offerings include leadership development and coaching, and the expanded business from the merger will serve a new global portfolio of clients.