Case Studies

All Coaching at All Levels in a Mid-size Fortune 500 Global Organization

Global Coaches Network competed with thirteen other coaching companies and won a three year sole source coaching contract to provide leadership coaching to leaders at all levels in a midsize global organization headquartered in the U.S. and Europe.  Customized leadership coaching programs have been designed for executives, other high level leaders and high potential leaders.  GCN selected a pool of coaches from their 300 coaches in 75 countries committed to getting to know this organization, their culture, and their business objectives in preparation for the coaching work with leaders.

GCN began by collaborating with organizational leaders in Talent and Development to provide leadership coaching in the new and high prestigious leadership development program for leaders worldwide with highly responsible, high level positions who will lead the global organization in the future.   GCN also provides coaching for talent development in the form of 360 degree feedback, development planning, alignment sessions with leader and their manager, and coaching to high potential leaders.   

GCN developed reporting structures customized to ensure that this organization knows the status of each coaching engagement at any time.  This gives our customer assurance that each coaching engagement, with approximately sixty engagements active at any given time, is moving forward as expected or that some intervention is needed.

6 month Solution Focused Coaching for Global Organizational Leaders NYC-Based Financial Firm

Talent and Development staff reported that Asian-American managers in NYC did not have leadership presence and were not seen as effective by their U.S. American colleagues.  GCN understood that this organization needed some help in understanding that leadership style often looks different in different cultures.  GCN also recognized that the Asian leaders needed help having impact in this very American New York City business culture.

GCN partnered with Talent and Development staff to design and deliver a coaching program to assist Asian-American managers working in NYC to expand their leadership capacity to include a leadership presence and style compatible with the expectations of the U.S. American staff.  GCN provided coaches with expertise in Asia and the U.S. culture, a cultural preference assessment to allow the Asians to see their own cultural preferences and the gaps between their preferences and those of their U.S. American managers and direct reports.  The coaching was about bridging the gap through communication strategy, more direct communication, and more action oriented behavior.

The Asian leaders and their managers were able to develop new understanding of each other and how they could work most productively together using an intercultural perspective.  The Asian leaders felt very supported and understood by coaches who understood their leadership presence and could help them to expand it to work more effectively with their mostly U.S. American colleagues.

6 Month Solution Focused Coaching Program to Transform Leaders at United States Department of Agriculture from Local to Global Leaders

Leaders in the U.S. Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) assessed the need to become more aware of their own style of leadership and more sensitive to their impact on their counterparts worldwide while adapting their collaborative style to set bio-regulatory policy worldwide.

BRS called on GCN to design and deliver a coaching program for their leadership including the development of personal, cultural, and global leadership competencies.  GCN designed and delivered a program including training, assessment and feedback, creation of individual development plans, and coaching to bridge the gap between the current performance of these leaders and their potential to represent the interests of the USA and collaborate effectively with their counterparts worldwide.

The results were that the leaders and their managers were more aware of their very American perspectives on how to lead, develop relationships and negotiate with colleagues worldwide.  They became aware that they could shift and be flexible to work well with colleagues from multiple countries and negotiate with more chance of coming to agreements that were beneficial to the U.S. as well as others.

1 year Group Coaching Program Designed and Delivered to University of Maryland University College Executive MBA Students

UMUC was beginning their global executive MBA program and wanted to include a coaching program as the leadership development component of the MBA program.

UMUC hired Barrie Zucal at GCN to collaborate in the design and delivery of the unique “group global coaching program” for their global students who were leading executives.  Barrie trained and developed a group of psychologist to be coaches for this program including the ability to apply understanding of group dynamics and teach coaching skill development in the groups.  GCN was also responsible for the design, content, and writing of the UMUC Coach’s Handbook, and ongoing consultation related to program improvement and staff development.

The students became outcomes driven, more emotionally intelligent, globally minded, culturally competent, and aware of their impact on others worldwide.