Why GCN?

Since 2005, Global Coaches Network has been a pioneer in the field of coaching for global leadership development going where few, if any, coaching companies have gone before.

Knowing that the global leader needs a coach who understands the complex demands of the diverse global marketplace, GCN hires former global leaders as coaches, many of whom have been expatriates.  GCN trains these experienced executive coaches in personal, cultural, and global leadership competence to lead their organizations to success in the global business arena.  GCN coaches are perfectly positioned to meet the developmental needs of global leaders.  These qualifications plus the GCN Coach Training distinguishes GCN from other coaching companies.

GCN coaches bring the following expertise to their work with global leaders:

  1.  The power of coaching to achieve results and improve performance
  2.  The equally powerful cultural lens
  3.  Understanding of social and emotional intelligence in a global context
  4.  Knowledge of global leadership competencies
  5.  A global system’s work context to each coaching assignment

A coach with the above expertise can help a leader to make better decisions, anticipate cultural differences in doing business and in forming relationships before they become cultural collisions, and develop the ability to manage themselves in the stressful and demanding world of global business, and get better business results.

GCN clients are guaranteed to get a coach who has experienced the challenges and successes of being a global leader.  Because GCN trains its coaches, we also guarantee consistency in the delivery of programs worldwide.   Because we are globally located, we can use the intelligence of coaches worldwide on behalf of our client organizations.  For example, if the organization has a leader located in the US who leads an initiative in Asia, we can assign an American coach and an Asian coach to the leader during their coaching engagement.  If the same leader is presenting to an African audience, we can provide a coach who can help the leader prepare to do an effective presentation in Africa.

For more information, contact Evans Incorporated at info@evansincorporated.com or at +1.703.663.2480 in the Washington, DC area.


Richard Hudson

Washington, DC

Senior Director, Operations, Evans Incorporated

Richard joined Evans in 2012 and brought with him enough knowledge and experience to run a small country. Quite literally. Richard was part of a team that set up the first ever computer system for the Cayman Islands. The two and a half year project included setting up the country’s budget, immigration and company registration systems and teaching people – some of whom had never seen a computer before – how to use the technology. Being part of that ‘greenfields’ situation kicked off Richard’s interest in system optimization and change management.

Richard studied Biology and Computer science at the University of York in the UK. His work has taken him all over the world, including Yugoslavia, Australia, Mozambique, Panama and plenty of places in between. The projects he has worked on range from improving business processes for Boeing in the Seattle headquarters, to local oversight of grants for the prevention and treatment of malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis in Angola.

Although he only joined the team in 2012, Richard has a long history with Evans. He first crossed paths with the company at a mutual client’s office and he was asked to collaborate with them on a project. Richard was impressed with the Evans work ethic and approach to problem solving and engaged them on future projects before eventually joining the fold.

Richard’s first job: While he was still studying in York, Richard had a data entry job in West London. Ever the problem solver, Richard didn’t just stick to data entry, finishing each day with a list of ways the database system could be improved. That didn’t necessarily make him the most popular employee.

Barrie Zucal
Washington, DC

Languages: English. Beginning Arabic & Mandarin

Barrie Zucal, MS is an executive coach with a sophisticated global perspective on leadership and coaching.  She is also the president and CEO of Global Coaches Network with 300 coaches in 68 countries coaching in 46 languages.

Barrie designs and delivers individual, group, and team programs in global leadership coaching and global leadership development that equip leaders to thrive in the complex, diverse, and often unpredictable global workplace.  With her background in education, psychology, and culture, she is able to help executives make positive changes that yield big results in business and in their personal lives.  She has been an expatriate in The Middle East and Asia and knows how to ensure executive success on international assignments.  Over the last six years, Barrie has trained and certified experienced executive coaches as global leadership coaches in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

She is passionate about developing high potential women leaders individually and in groups for executive roles in global business, government, and as elected officials.

Barrie’s recent coaching experience includes:

Managing Director and Head of US Regulatory Services for an Italian Pharmaceutical company.  Coached him to develop his global leadership competencies and his executive presence and apply this in multiple cultures.  The work continues as he prepares for a role as Vice President.
The Head of the US Biotechnology Regulatory Services at the USDA to develop her global leadership capabilities.  The coaching continued through the transition to prepare her to replace her boss and become the Administrator of the Animal Plant Health and Inspection Services. 
Senior leaders in a US government organization to be more effective global leaders and negotiators while working with their counterparts worldwide to set global bio-regulatory policy.
Design and development of a global group coaching program for executives in a global MBA program at the University of Maryland University College which prepared local leaders for global roles.
Barrie’s client list includes:

Her client list includes: Women in Bio, Merrill Lynch, Dow, Intel, Arinc, GE, Pfizer, United States Department of Agriculture – Aphis, Bio Regulatory Services, leaders and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, The Training Management Corporation, Healthy Companies International, The University of Maryland University College, TMA World, Communicaid, Stellenbosch University, Cambria Consulting, and Blue Sky Performance Improvement,

Coaching Areas of Expertise: 

Global executive coaching to develop interpersonal, intercultural, and global leadership competency, training in global leadership development and global leadership coaching for leaders and coaches,  global mindset development, helping leaders transition from default thinking to intentional thinking and behavior that helps them achieve their goals, helping leaders anticipate, remove or eliminate obstacles before they become costly, coaching to ensure success on the international assignment, 360 degree feedback from assessment and interviews, shadow coaching, re-railing employees who are derailing, coaching relationships in the workplace, executive therapy. 

Business/Leadership Experience:

Barrie is considered a pioneer, industry leader, and visionary in the field of coaching.  She is a global entrepreneur and innovator in the development of global virtual networks, global leadership coaching, and the training of global coaches for global executives.  Barrie is active in her community, serves on a local board of directors that provides resources for the homeless and victims of domestic violence.  She also volunteers with US Committee of UN Women.  Previous to GCN, Barrie held leadership and management positions on the New York State Board for Marriage and Family Therapists, and in counseling and educational organizations.

Certifications: Barrie is certified in the use of psychological and leadership assessments including The Global Executive Leadership Inventory, The Polaris Global Leadership Assessment, The Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment by the Hay Group, the Country Navigator, The Cultural Orientations Indicator and the Cultural Orientations Model©, The Personality Profiler©, The Values Arrangement List©, High Impact Performance Teaming, and The Global Mindset inventory by Thunderbird University.


“Global Mindset: An Essential Ingredient for the Successful Assignee”, The Expatriate
Observer, a publication of ORC Worldwide, winter, 2008, pgs. 7-11.

“Ensuring Success on the International Assignment, a three part series, Mobility Magazine, a publication of the Employee Relocation Council.  This was the award winning publication for this magazine for the year
“A Global Coach for a Global Leader”, Mobility Magazine, a publication of The Employee Relocation Council.
Education: Master’s degree in family system’s studies from the University of Maryland + 54 graduate credits in human development, psychological testing, adult psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in education. She is a graduate of Coach University and Corporate Coach University, two premier virtual coaching programs.  She studies anxiety, mindfulness, change management, world cultures and religions, organizational development, and dreams.

Affiliations: The International Coach Federation, The Asia Society, SIETAR, National Federation of Business and Professional Women, US Committee for UN Women, Women in Bio, The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy,

Coaching Philosophy:

Barrie believes that a global leader needs a global coach who has a strong background in executive coaching, intercultural competence, and global mindset.  She uses the leader’s challenges to help the leader expand their global leadership competencies.  Barrie shuttles from a system’s perspective to an individual/interpersonal perspective to meet the leader’s specific individual needs so they can thrive and make their best contribution to their organization and the world. She often helps leader to anticipate and resolve issues before they become challenges.   She provides a safe stress free relationship where leaders are encouraged to reflect, and make small changes that lead to big results.  She likes to have fun while learning so she brings her good spirit to every coaching engagement. 

Jessica Zucal

Washington, DC

Sr. Division Manager, Global Coaches Network

Sean Miller

Washington, DC

Sr. Division Manager, Global Coaches Network

Andrea Berg
COO Global Coaches Network

Location: Erie, PA
Languages: English, Spanish (Fluent)

As COO, Andrea oversees operations and program management for GCN.

Andrea’s role as COO is to develop, design, operate and improve systems and processes at GCN to ensure the highest level of service and return on investment for GCN’s clients. She is always cognizant of aligning GCN operations with their client’s values and desired outcomes. She brings seventeen years in corporate America as a leader working in global and domestic roles across both commercial and operational functions. Her business experience living in Mexico and working across several countries has prepared her for her work at GCN creating operating systems and processes that are culturally sensitive to GCN’s diverse client organizations.

During her 17+ years in Corporate America, Andrea held roles with increasing levels of responsibility in Quality, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Sales, and Commercial Management. She worked in international and domestic markets across 5 continents. Andrea led diverse teams to achieve results such as asset optimization, fuel savings, sales growth, operating margin growth, and product introduction.

At GE, she held several roles in leadership organizations including co-chair of the Women’s Network, appointed member of the Diversity Council, and a founding member of Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain Alumni Network. Andrea’s primary expertise is leading teams across silos in solving complex organizational issues and creating an engaging work environment that produces tangible results.

Andrea is an adjunct professor at the Dalhkemper School of Business at Gannon University and has a Bachelors of Science from Georgia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Global MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is certified in Global Mindset, Mindful Business studies, and in teaching Meditation.

In 2014, she founded Be Here and Serve – a project focused on changing the way employees engage in the workplace through targeted online content and courses. She is an experienced consultant and speaker on a variety of relevant topics, which include: the Role of Mindfulness in Business, Resource Optimization, Conscious Capitalism, and Meditation in the Workplace, Workforce Engagement and Revitalization, and Leadership Development.

Xina Raley
Maryland, USA

Languages: English

Xina Raley is the Executive Administrator of GCN. She works directly with the President/CEO in the achievement of all GCN’s business goals. She is responsible for leading admin staff, bookkeeping, and website development. She also works directly with the coaches in welcoming and onboarding into the Network. Additionally, she maintains the coach’s engagements, developed and manages the company’s coach database, maintains the company website, and publishes the newsletter campaigns.

Xina Raley is a certified Reiki Master / Teacher of the traditional Usui method. She is an ordained minister of the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church, and has also completed the first level in Living the Circle of Shamanic Healing. She is a certified Chois practitioner, and has training in EFT. Xina holds a Masters in Holistic Ministries from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.