“Leaders in the business world should aspire to be true planetary citizens. They have global responsibilities since their decisions affect not just the world of business, but world problems of poverty, national security, and the environment.”

– Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop

With 300 executive coaches in 75 countries, coaching in 47 languages, GCN is a pioneer in the field of global executive coaching.

GCN coaches leaders to think beyond their usual boundaries to expand their perspectives on how to be an effective leader in the challenging global organizational context.  In this new space, beyond boundaries where anything is possible, leaders can think new thoughts on how to accomplish their goals, help their organizations succeed and make a world a better place.

Since 2005, GCN has partnered with global organizations, governments, consulting companies, and MBA programs to design and deliver cutting edge leadership coaching programs. These programs are customized for individuals, teams, and groups of executives and leaders at all levels. GCN also trains coaches and leaders in “global coach approaches” to developing leaders in global roles. GCN has a “sophisticated global approach to coaching.” 

In August 2019, Evans Consulting acquired GCN. Read the full press release here.

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“GCN is one of the few coaching vendors that can meet the needs of a global organization and provide in country coaching across the globe. Not only do they provide coaches in all countries we operate in, but they also truly understand the opportunities and challenges of a global player and that is true across their coaches. GCN is not just a vendor that we use, but they have become an integral part of our business. Barrie and her team are very dedicated to provide an excellent partnership and have our needs always at the forefront of their mind.”

– Senior Manager, Talent and Development, US Global Technology Company


Barrie Zucal, President & CEO, GCN – Washington, DC

“Barrie Zucal is a global leader in the field of coaching. She has been publishing and teaching coaches worldwide about the concept of global mindset since 2005. Barrie has a global mindset herself and she sees the critical importance of executive coaches who can help organizational leaders to think beyond their boundaries, embrace diversity, and learn to influence others who are different from themselves. At the Najafi Global Mindset Institute, we value Barrie as a colleague and partner.”

– Mansour Javidan, Ph.D, MBA, Director Najafi Global Mindset Institute
Garvin Distinguished Professor, Thunderbird School of Global Management


Tarja Elmberg: GCN Sweden

“Tarja helped our global management team to grow in a very positive way. We work together in a much better way than before. Our goals harmonize and we communicate with people in a positive way. “I have become an active listener and the work in my team has a flow now. My team works in an effective way and productivity has remarkable increased. I do plan and structure my work – it is a huge difference now! I have more family time nowadays – happy wife and happy kids. I am more secure and conscious of the way I act as a leader after my sessions with Tarja”, Now I know what I have to focus on, both personally and for my company. Having met Tarja was a great experience for me and my management team. She is not afraid of being tough when needed and she is more than a top-class executive coach with a rich set of techniques and extensive business experience to draw upon.”

– CEO and Management team of Global distribution company


Lothar Katz: GCN Germany

“I wanted to take the time to express my sincere thanks for all your insights and inputs.  Your approach of addressing essential aspects directly and to the point, while taking yourself back again immediately afterwards, was enjoyable and facilitated a positive and constructive atmosphere.  I very much appreciate your support!”

–  Secretary General and Head of a German Legal Organization with international reach
(female with Italian/French background; cross-cultural leadership coaching)


Doug Lambert: GCN The Emirates

“Our Group engages the services of Doug Lambert as an Executive Coach for a number of future and senior executives across all of our group companies. We are extremely impressed with the value his coaching sessions have had on the development of our executives, as well as the related business benefits that have accrued.  Doug brings a unique balance of senior executive experience at Board level combined effortlessly with his professionalism as a well-seasoned and highly qualified Executive Coach. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Doug in the future as we strive to become the employer of choice in the region.”

– Chief Human Capital Officer – Large Dubai based holding Group


Jeff Smith: GCN Virginia, USA

“One of the best things we did at Interactive Achievement was incorporate Jeff Smith and Voltage Leadership into our system. They have helped guide us through growth as a company and growth as individual/team leaders. Their service has been immeasurable to our success.”

–  Jonathan Hagmaier, CEO, Interactive Achievement, LLC


Stephen Kao: GCN China

“Stephen can be trusted completely. He does not provide with ready-made solutions but asks you the right questions to enable you to deal with the situation and find the solutions yourself. I have become more relaxed and more efficient with my work as a result of the coaching. Stephen was very practical in his approach. He was well-organized and fun to work with.”

– Sarang Gadnis, Director Operations Asia, major European medical & healthcare products company


Natalie Sayer, GCN U.S.

“Working with Natalie has been a game changer for me. She listened carefully to me and helped me see more clearly the challenges and opportunities I faced in my transition from private practice to the in-house practice of law and managing a team. With Natalie’s help and advice, I found tools and approaches that enabled me to leverage my strengths to meet these challenges – and capitalize on these opportunities – more effectively and to become a better manager and leader.  Choosing to work with Natalie is the best decision I made in support of my professional development!”

– Deputy General Counsel at an S&P 500 Company


Salomé van Coller, GCN

“Salomé van Coller has been involved in coaching in South Africa from the start. Her efforts at Stellenbosch Business School have resulted in the establishment of a leading Master’s programme in coaching that enjoys many accolades. Salomé has also maintained her own coaching and consulting practice over the years providing services to many companies. In this book, she illustrates her extensive experience and expertise in a very personal way, providing insight into the workings of a practising coach and consultant working with leadership teams in the field today. She demonstrates how to deliver coaching services which will be a valuable lens for students in understanding how coaching leadership teams can contribute to performance.”

– Marc Simon Kahn, Global Head of HR at Investec

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

All Coaching at All Levels in a Mid-Size Fortune 500 Global Organization

Global Coaches Network competed with thirteen other coaching companies and won a three year sole source coaching contract to provide leadership coaching to leaders at all levels in a midsize global organization headquartered in the US and Europe.  Customized leadership coaching programs have been designed for executives, other high level leaders and high potential leaders.  GCN selected a pool of coaches from their 300 coaches in 75 countries committed to getting to know this organization, their culture, and their business objectives in preparation for the coaching work with leaders.

GCN began by collaborating with organizational leaders in Talent and Development to provide leadership coaching in the new and high prestigious leadership development program for leaders worldwide with highly responsible, high level positions who will lead the global organization in the future.   GCN also provides coaching for talent development in the form of 360 degree feedback, development planning, alignment sessions with leader and their manager, and coaching to high potential leaders.   

GCN developed reporting structures customized to ensure that this organization knows the status of each coaching engagement at any time.  This gives our customer assurance that each coaching engagement, with approximately sixty engagements active at any given time, is moving forward as expected or that some intervention is needed.

More Case Studies:

Case Study 2:
6-Month Solution Focused Coaching for Global Organizational Leaders NY City Based financial firm

Case Study 3:
6-Month Solution Focused Coaching Program to Transform Leaders at United States Department of Agriculture from Local to Global Leaders

Case Study 4: 
1-Year Group Coaching Program Designed and Delivered to University of Maryland University College Executive MBA Students

GCN’s Global Leadership Coaching model:

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